Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Today's craziness

Well, I'm sitting here trying to get J to get out of bed, yes he should be at school, but I would've pulled him out in 30 minutes anyway.
Then I have to get the walks cleared from snow,

Then head out to Walmart... YUCK, the crowds that will be there. Then take J to the airport and send him off to his dads.
I have to pick up a part for my car, so it can stop making annoying noises. Then
get back so that the boys can take a nap :) my favorite time of the day. wrap gifts while they nap. when they wake up, finish the project we are doing for their parents. somwhere in all of this....I have to grocery shop today, I'm almost out of food in this house.
I'm sure there is TONS more that needs to be done, and then tonight....Heading to see Avatar with my sweetie. YIPPIE (unless he gets called into work tonight)

whew, its going to be crazy, but oh so fun. the roads are icy, and people forget how to drive on these kinds of days.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Early Christmas 2009

J is heading to his dads for the holidays this year, so Don and I gave him his gifts early....
He's wanted this cool engine for awhile now.