Thursday, March 31, 2011

Words are worse than Sticks and Stones

Saw a story on the news tonight that touched my heart. Jason has dealt with being bullied in Grade school and Jr High. teased, called names, etc...
so proud of this girl for posting such an inspiration, and then seeing those supporters that have posted on Youtube in response to her.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Jason school

January we decided to bring Jason home for school. he was really struggling with this year and the grades kept dropping no matter what we did.
soooo, after much research his dad and I decided on K12

I've struggled keeping him on task, but it all seems to be paying off. His grades are all above a C. whooo hooo :)

I really like K12, and enjoy the flexibility of doing classes in different orders each day, or being able to spread them clear into the evening times if we decide to do that. (not often that happens though).
once all school work is done, he then can go hang out with his friends. we've tried keeping our school hours the same as the regular school hours so that we are done when his friends are done.
It makes it nice that I am home during the day with my daycare.