Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Trucker Wife again this summer

We survived last summers adventures while Don drove Long haul. Sadly he was gone for 3 weeks at a time, then home for only 2 days (3 if we were lucky). we learned how to really talk on the phone. I found I was talking to him more than most of my friends in a traditional Mon-Friday 40 hour week husband. I learned the art of being flexible. Time meant nothing to the company he was with, and it was very hard to keep a schedule of any kind near the time frame he'd be heading thru "HOME". I'd go at the drop of the hat to have lunch/dinner because that was simply all the time I was going to get with my husband. Unfortunately, often plans with friends got dropped if Don got unexpected home time. I had days I loved having a king size bed to myself, and others I'd just cry. I missed him every second of every day. He stopped driving this winter and went back to the shuttle job he does every winter. He was home every night, and it was hard getting use to having him there so often. BUT I loved it. we relearned to be together. Shuttle season is over, and Don got himself another driving job. so we started our summer this Monday, and already this company seems SO much better, he is scheduled to be home 2 nights during the week and home every weekend. Love that. so he was out Monday, home Tuesday night, out Wednesday night and home tomorrow (Thursday). They have him doing a run leaving Sunday, so I get my hubby home for a long weekend. Next week they have him doing a special run, so he will be gone Mon-Friday but off on the weekend. I'm excited for this opportunity to have a fairly set schedule with my hubby.