Tuesday, October 28, 2008

what a week and a half this has been!

so I get a phone call from a Granite school district officer...detective Lakes.
Jason's been named in the vandelism of a bike. 1st thought= I'm going to kill him!
2nd thought="I'M GOING TO KILL HIM"

so we go in and meet with the pricipal and detective, Jason admits to taking part of taking bike pegs, but did not take part in slashing a bike tire...
okay, so we are sent on our way, Jason still in school, I go back to work. (deep breath)
Jason is in big trouble, I take his bike away, take his pegs away, he is grounded for the long UEA weekend....he is facing charges

**fast forward a week***
I get a call from the same Granite school district office.... Jason has been named in a scooter vandelism... "WHAT"
so I got back to the school, and evidently the look on my face says that he is in BIG trouble.
Jason admits to cutting the brake line of this electric scooter with a lettermans tool of my dads.
He is suspended pending a school district hearing, and is facing bigger charges

heard from the school district today: they are suspending him for 10 days, and he can go back on November 6th. he also has to sign a saftey contract saying that he wont do this crap anymore...

oh he is in BIG trouble here at home......

bad grades= no wrestling

This is an update from a week or so ago........

well, grades slipped (he didnt turn in homework) so I took wrestling away until that goes up.
mean mom, mean mom......

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Snow in October

Our Backyard this past weekend.... yes, that is SNOW in the early part of October. I think we are in for a long winter.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Jr high is hard work

My young man has joined the wrestling team. They have practices every day after school for 2 hours. he has to Run, lift weights, run, learn moves, run... (lots of running). he comes home as if he has gone all day without food, eats everything in sight plus dinner. then crashes on the couch and falls asleep. I have tried for the last 30 mintues to wake him up for scouts, but he just said, I'm not going and fell back asleep. poor guy.

with all of that, he has to keep his grades up or mean old mom, I mean the school wont let him play.

then on top of all that today, he had to bring home school pictures and let mom gush all over them, then emailed them to everyone she could think of. :)

wanna see?

Isnt he handsome???

Saturday, October 4, 2008

new blog

I'm finally giving in, starting a blog. What has the world come to.
We are a month into the great world of Jr. High, and J is loving it. His grades are up, He has signed up for Wrestling, and we are starting Sylvan Learning Center.
This isn't including the time he spends with his family (HA HA HA ) I mean his friends, and the time we both spend at the Empress Theatre (www.empresstheatre.com)

so join us as I try documenting this fabulous trip we call life. I have a feeling that its about to get entertaining.