Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Truckin On....

Day One of Orientation is over and he's resting back at the hotel. Today was lots of paperwork, and DOT physical and Driving test. (which he passed with flying colors). He's been fed and he's tired (from getting up earlier than he is used to)but over all, doing well. I've been busy at work, however with permission from my boss (who was a truckers wife for 20 years) made time to talk and text anytime I hear from Hubby. She's been great checking in with me to make sure I was "hanging in there" and letting me know her door was open anytime. there are now two of us Trucker Wives in the office, and its nice checking in with each other. My neighbors were so sweet yesterday, they knew i was home alone and sent their teenagers over to invite me over. When I opened the door, they threw their arms around me and said "mom said you might need a hug" awwwww. they then said to grab my lunch containers and come on over. I went over and was dished up a steak dinner for my lunch. I've kept myself busy at home working on projects I found on Pinterest (organization stuff) I've cleaned off our hutch and am using a new filing system for our bills. I've got a planned project for myself for a few weeks and I'm sure I'll find more stuff to plan :) so far, day 1 (2nd full day) has gone well. minus the fact that my King bed is REALLY REALLY big all by myself.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

changes at home

Well, Don and I are facing some changes to our day to day life. He leaves Tuesday for a orientation at his new job "driving truck" He'll be driving the 11 western states, so we're looking at about 21 days out before he makes it home for a short time. Once he has about 6 more months of experience, we are looking at doing the Owner Operator side of this. Meaning we'll drive for ourself which will allow us to control how often he is home.