Tuesday, October 28, 2008

what a week and a half this has been!

so I get a phone call from a Granite school district officer...detective Lakes.
Jason's been named in the vandelism of a bike. 1st thought= I'm going to kill him!
2nd thought="I'M GOING TO KILL HIM"

so we go in and meet with the pricipal and detective, Jason admits to taking part of taking bike pegs, but did not take part in slashing a bike tire...
okay, so we are sent on our way, Jason still in school, I go back to work. (deep breath)
Jason is in big trouble, I take his bike away, take his pegs away, he is grounded for the long UEA weekend....he is facing charges

**fast forward a week***
I get a call from the same Granite school district office.... Jason has been named in a scooter vandelism... "WHAT"
so I got back to the school, and evidently the look on my face says that he is in BIG trouble.
Jason admits to cutting the brake line of this electric scooter with a lettermans tool of my dads.
He is suspended pending a school district hearing, and is facing bigger charges

heard from the school district today: they are suspending him for 10 days, and he can go back on November 6th. he also has to sign a saftey contract saying that he wont do this crap anymore...

oh he is in BIG trouble here at home......

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padua said...

you sound very stressed. hopefully things will get better. otherwise, christmas break will seem like forever long!