Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Free out of towner

Don's company had a mandatory District meeting in a nearby ski resort town. The spouses/significant others were invited to join in for dinner and stay overnight on Friday night. whoo hoo... free dinner and out of town date night all completely paid for by the company.
So because the meetings were to go on all day on Saturday, and I needed a way to get home the following day.....we did drive two different vehicles to the restaurant. we first stopped in at the Hotel to drop off his company truck, and so that we could ride together to the restaurant.

We arrived at the restaurant... a real restaurant with linen table clothes, linen napkins, wait staff at our every whim. We sat and visited with everybody for a bit before ordering. We each had an amazing salad (one of the best I've had)

and ordered our 30 and 40 dollar steaks. I cant even think of a time I've ever had a steak or any meal from a restaurant that cost more than $14.

The area manager ordered 1 of every type side that was offered, which was then brought to the table and served family style.
It was great company, AMAZING food!!!
After dinner, we just sat and visited before heading back to the hotel.

We were able to relax in a nice KING size bed, we layed there just talking, catching up and enjoying each others company. We shared goals and plans for the rest of the year. Its been a long time since we've done that.
We decided to order a movie, it was one we've seen before but really enjoyed..so we ordered 2012.

Because we didnt get the movie until about 10:30, I didnt make it all the way through the movie.
The following morning when Don left for his meeting in the conference room, I was able to relax in the hotel room until about noon before heading home. So I took my time waking up, then went down and picked up breakfast, got in the shower, and curled back up under the down comforter until 10:30.
It was nice just getting away, and even better was that it didnt cost us a cent.


Sherrie said...

That sounds like a fabulous date! And the best part of course was the FREE part! :)

Anonymous said...

OK, how awesome is that to have a sponsored date! and steak… i love steak! nice date and thanks for sharing! see you next week.
tiffany {Simply Modern Mom}

stephanie said...

that is awesome!