Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hot Tub Date

As some of you know, we got a hot tub about a month ago. We've used it quite a bit...we love having it.
Don and Jason have bee working in the back where the hot tub sits to make it a really nice area. It has been screened in so that we have some privacy. We have a nice outdoor closet for towels and the chemicals, on top of which we have put a radio.

This past Saturday, life was busy. We were on the go all day and got home, had dinner and my three nieces were dropped off for the night. (their parents were heading out to a send off for a soldier buddy of theirs that is leaving for Iraq on Thursday) I was pretty sure that there would be no date this week because after all, we did have the three additional kids (4 months-6 years)
but man was I for our date, after I had the kids in bed, Don handed me my swim suit and asked me to meet him outside when I could. I asked my teenage son to listen for the kids, and told him that we would be just in the back yard if he needed us.
I walked outside, and was pleasantly surprised to see candle light and bottled water sitting just outside the hot tub.
It was so quite and peaceful. We didnt talk at all for probably the first 15 minutes. Just enjoyed the noises around us, relaxed and cuddled. He knew it had been a long and busy day for both of us, and that the kids were going to have me up early the next day.
We only stayed out for about 30 minutes total, it was after all 10:00pm and he was due into work at 4:30am.
It wasnt a regularly long date this week, but it was enjoyable all the same. It was just enough time to reconnect and to relax.


Anonymous said...

oh how i would love to have a hot tub in our backyard. and so nice to just relax and enjoy the silence. that's rare around here too. you are awesome for helping a friend out and taking on their kids. thanks for sharing!
tiffany {Simply Modern Mom}

Brandy said...

Wow! What a wonderful time you must have had and I be that hot tub was relaxing after having all those kids around. So nice of your husband to have candles and water waiting for you too!