Monday, May 9, 2011

crazy weeks ahead

packing, school, packing, school, down time, make sure trailer is rented, more packing, family going away party... and just 18 days to get it all done.
Its tough fitting it all in, Jason still wants to hang with friends after school is done, and yet I need him to be here. Its been a fun balancing act while we get things figured out.

its official... Jason and I are heading to Washington state. Jason will be going to live with his Dad and I will be moving in with my Best friend Sandy. I will look for work, and get a few paychecks under my belt before looking for a 2 bedroom place.
I have my room pretty much done, the challenge is getting Jason's room done.
We will send him with a majority of his clothes via the airplane. I'll then bring the rest of his things later. He just needs to decide what is going to dads house, versus what will go into storage until I get a place to call home.

soooo, here's to moving out and, moving forward

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Jaimie said...

I can't wait to see you!! Wish I could help you get stuff together!