Sunday, August 1, 2010

Long story short

Long story short.... this has been my summer in a nut shell
Don and I split, and I moved out in February. We attempted for a few months to go back to "dating" and in a sense rediscover us. things were okay for awhile, it was on and off. We took a few trips together and had a great time. We officially broke things off for good about a month ago. Its been hard, and we didnt end of the best of terms. The reasons are not important, but its a good thing for both of us. We are on cival speaking terms (after all, he is my trusted Mechanic) He's moved on, I've moved on and we have been able to talk about each others future with others this weekend. It was nice, there was no hurt, no tears. Just two friends talking. giving each other the perspective from the opposite sex.

the trips I've taken: went to Colorado (which I still need to blog)
many camping trips, a trip to lava... all of which i need to catch up on here.
Its been a long enjoyable summer inbetween all the rotten stuff.

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