Monday, February 15, 2010

Birthday Date

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This week was my birthday, (Saturday the 13th). Our date this week was a nice breakfast out together. we went first to Johanna's Kitchen.... but they were crazy busy, about a 40 minute wait.
so we left there and headed to a cute place called, Jim's Family Restaurant. We spent the time during breakfast chatting and just catching up on our busy week. we enjoy working on the Suduku puzzles found in the newspaper, so we worked on that in between talking and of course giving our waitress a hard time :)

After breakfast, we needed to get some errands done, as we are working on our backyard area where we just put up a hot tub. So we headed out to Lowes

where we walked and talked about what we both saw happening in the yard. we planned out a patio area, and garden area (of course our taste was more expensive than our budget allows).. we did buy some things that we needed, and priced others.
We left there and I wanted to look at plants and flowers, so we headed next door to

Garden center. I dont think we purchased anything there, but we did walk through the whole store and just talked and talked.
We did have something we wanted to buy, and the only place we found the deal we wanted was at

so that was our next stop. We didnt spend as much time there, mainly because we knew exactly where to go, make the purchase and took it home. Once home, we got some chores done (me in the house, and he and my son outside)
but that evening, my two guys made me a wonderful steak dinner... the only thing I was asked to do was to dish up my own plate :) We then all gathered around the TV to watch the Olympics, and enjoy the down time.
It was an amazing birthday, and an even better day spent with MY MAN.


Nichole said...

What a nice day! Happy birthday!

stephanie said...

Sounds like a wonderful day to me! Happy birthday three days ago!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Glad you had a good birthday. Our dates often involve home repair and a meal.

Tiffany said...

happy birthday! isn't it nice to go shopping together without people tugging at your legs, wanting to buy candy and ready to go? awesome date! thanks for linking. see you next tuesday!
tiffany {Simply Modern Mom}

Sherrie said...

Happy belated birthday!