Tuesday, February 9, 2010


so the package arrived at our house today, and I was not home when he got here, so I didnt get to see his reaction (darn it). I got a text message as I was getting closer to home that he was crying, and that he loved the gift.
He has spent most of the evening either telling people about it, or raving to me about how awesome this gift was and how he's never gotten anything as amazing as this.

He was excited about many of the dates listed on the brochure. He is telling me that I should totally market this as a business or at least a hobby. He was convinced that it was a real business, and even thought for a minute about how mad I was going to be to find out some girl enrolled him in this "club" then once it was opened, he discovered that the some girl was me, and that I did all this for him.

I'm so glad that he liked it, I was really worried that he wouldnt like it as much as I wanted him to.


padua said...

so very awesome!

The Fischer Family said...

Totally worth all your time and energy you put into it! I wish you too would have seen his reaction! Congrats on a well done surprise!