Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fun Valentines or other gift idea

My Mix of Six: Husband Gift Idea
I was told about a fun gift idea from a friends blog....
This allows you to give your Husband/boyfriend a gift that you yourself can benefit from too. a full year of dates. Takes the guess work out of the situation for the guys, and you both get a great night out.
You dont have to spend tons of money on these, just have fun together.

you basically put a date idea into an envelope for each month of the year. The above blog, has gift cards and other things in her envelopes... My friend Summer has created really adorable cards, with love poems and quotes with her "date" idea.

some ideas I have started to put together are: dinner theater tickets, symphony tickets, dinner and a movie, picnics in the mountains, overnight camping trips, free concert series in town, game nights at home...etc... I cant wait to get the finishing touches all put together and give this to Don.

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Jaimie said...

You are amazing, great job Ginny!