Thursday, February 4, 2010

Don's gift

I got an idea after reading a friends blog.. which took me to another blog, and finally landed me on yet another blog. It was this last blog that really got me thinking, and got me excited to mix the ideas from that first two blogs with the last ones.

so my idea is going something like this....

My goal is 2 dates per month minimum. He will get to choose what those dates are and which months. (with the exception of February- I've chosen those already)
I'm getting mine put together now. See the pictures below of my final project.
first I got all my ideas together on paper, and on the computer (including an idea of cost)
then I started typing it up into a brochure style. typing up his "membership letter" which will explain what he gets to choose from.
I've included a page with each month labeled, then he will write what dates or "staycation" he wants to do. (he can choose 4- 1 per quarter)
my staycations include:
*B&B (I'll create a B& B right here at home)
*Camping (I'll set up the tent trailer outside, and we'll cook and everything outside)
*Mountian adventure (drive up to the mountains, see the leaves change, or picnic or hike)
*Utah State Fair (pretty self explanatory)
*Vegas (this again will be at home. I have a couples only casino kit (dice, cards, and rules to play some steamy vegas games) we'll have a fancy dinner, rent a vegas movie like 21, or honeymoon in vegas, or maybe a vegas style "show"
*lava hot springs (one of our favorite getaways, and its close enough to make this a real overnight outting)

all of this will be boxed and sent through the mail (yes, I'm having this sent) the business (return adderss) will be "date of the month club" po box 143
I love you, Utah 84047
I cant wait for him to get this package in the mail and see what kind of fun dates we will be going on this year.

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