Sunday, February 21, 2010

Date Night

Let me start by saying.... I HAVE NOT LAUGHED SO HARD IN SUCH A LONG TIME...

okay, so when I gave Don his gift (Date of the month) this weeks date was already planned and paid for.
We do our dates on Saturdays, because frankly, its the only day of the week he doesnt work. He works during the week, and then on Friday night and Sunday morning he works a second job. He works so hard :) so anyway, Saturday is our day to relax and spend together.
so like I was saying, this date was already planned and paid for. We were introduced to a fun theater down the street from us that does "spoofs" of different shows. I was on their website and saw that they also have Comedians and other performers in a different area of the theater, complete with a full dinner buffet. He's always talked about going and seeing a comedian live, so I thought...great idea.
I knew nothing of this comedian, but they did have a you-Tube video of him that I watched and giggled at.
He is an impressionist, and performs mostly through music. doing impressions of great people like Jim Carrey, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Louie Armstrong, Nat King Cole, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder, Ricky Martin, Cat Stevens, The Temptations, U2, Guns n’ Roses, Coldplay, and Alvin & The Chipmunks

So I bought the tickets, which included the dinner.

go visit

he was funny, and witty, and it was just so amazing. He had the audience singing along to most songs, and had us all doubled over in laughter.
On our way out of the theater, we were talking and decided that tonights show was better than anything we had imagined. It was a really great evening. It was good clean humor, it was something I would totally sit and watch with my child.
On our way home, we just talked (more about the show of course) and he pulled into 7-11 and picked up a couple of ice cream bars for desert. it was such a cute and sweet thing. (ha ha, no play on words intended) He looked all through the case to find a chocolate ice cream for me that did not have nuts of anykind (he knows I dont like nuts touching my treats)
we had to stop by the warehouse he works for on Sunday, and he felt bad at first... wanting to make sure out Date night was over, and that he wasnt ruining it for me.
I assured him it was fine, and we could just "pause" the night so he could pick up his vehicle for the next days work, and that I would meet him back at home.

it was one of the best nights we've had out in a long time.


Marilee said...

Love your date of the month idea Ginny. So glad you had a good time. :)

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Seeing comedy live is the best. Sounds like a wonderful date.

Brandy said...

Sounds like fun...I love laughing with my spouse.

stephanie said...

we have never been to a live comedy show. that sounds like fun! might have to look into some around here.

Sherrie said...

Sounds like fun. My dh and I saw Jerry Seinfeld once and laughed the entire time. Glad you liked the show.

Anonymous said...

oh i could use some good laughs. nathan and i used to go to improv shows when we were dating. love comedy. thanks for sharing! see you next week.
tiffany {Simply Modern Mom}